Sole fishing rights to Stowe Pool

Cute little boy fishing with his grandfather


An exciting opportunity for fishing clubs to gain sole rights to a stunning beauty spot in the centre of Lichfield.

Lichfield District Council is inviting fishing clubs to apply for a rental agreement for the sole use of fishing at Stowe Pool.

The agreement can be up to five years and would see a fishing club deliver angling opportunities for local people.

With its beautiful views, play areas, outside gym and walking and running loops, Stowe Pool is a great recreational and wildlife area in the heart of Lichfield. It offers a relaxing setting for course fishing, including roach, perch, carp, pike and tench.

It will be a  chance for fishing clubs to develop the sport in the beautiful surroundings of Stowe Pool, and grow their club and get many more people involved.

Stowe Pool is popular with local people and visitors, so it’s really important that any potential club confirms it will keep unrestricted public access, and will work with us to enhance the fabric of Stowe Pool for access and wildlife.

Among the criteria, the successful club must have its own constitution and rules, sound governance, a role within local communities, and have a plan for how it will encourage a range of people, including children, young women, people with disabilities and the over 50s, to get involved with angling.

Stowe Pool fishing rights application brief

Sole fishing rights application form

Both the application brief and form are also available on request by emailing We have extended the deadline to apply, so please do contact us to find out more.