Key Stage 1

Sessions for Key Stage 1

Bug hunting and pond dipping – 1 or 2 hours
Hunt for bugs by shaking trees, brushing hedges and dipping in the pond. We’ve discovered many fascinating animals including ladybirds, shield bugs, millipedes, field crickets, diving beetles, water scorpions and dragonfly larvae. What will you find?

Woodland wonders – 1 or 2 hours
Fun, hands-on activities exploring trees and the woodland. Activities include hug-a tree; scavenger hunt and tree bingo.

Fairies and elves story time – 1 hour
Hear the story of the Beacon Park fairies and elves and go on a hunt to see if you can find signs of them or the fairy and elf doors and make your own fairy or elf den.

Natural art 1 or 2 hours
Create pictures and sculptures using natural materials from around the woodland. Includes bark rubbing, twig towers and tree spirits.

Geographical skills and enquiry – 1 or 2 hours
Follow and complete the map of Beacon Park and/or survey its visitors.

Please book

To book, please email or call the parks team on 01543 308863 and let us know:

>> your school
>> year group of children
>> approximate number of children
>> how many sessions you would like to book
>> whether you would like your session to last one or two hours
>> your preferred date and time options

Further details, and risk assessments will be sent out with your booking confirmation.