Foot golf rules


•    Kicking the ball: This must be done in a single movement. The sole of the foot may not be use
•    Tee off in line with the tee markers (no part of the ball should be in front of this line)
•    Wait for the ball to come to a complete stop before your next kick
•    The player furthest from the hole should play first.
•    Marking the ball: When a ball obstructs the line of another player then the ball may be marked with a small object
•    Play the ball from where it lies (or take a one shot penalty drop within two steps of the nearest point of relief)
•    All ditches are out of bounds, unplayable lie and lost ball – drop the ball within two steps of the nearest point back on the course – one shot penalty


•    Dress casual. Shoes – astros / trainers – no football boots
•    No shouting or bad language – please respect other users and the course
•    No alcohol allowed on the course
•    No practice kicks on the course / no running
•    Do not kick off until the group ahead are clear of the green (golf, foot golf and disc golf)
•    Football – An easy identifiable football will be supplied (deposit required) – lost balls will be charged at £10
•    Maintain a good pace, rake bunkers, and use normal golf etiquette