COVID-19 update

Pay for play activities, including golf, reopened at Beacon Park from 29 March 2021.

Golf at Beacon Park

Beacon Park offers a fantastic mature 18-hole pitch and putt, par 3 golf course, with holes ranging from 90 yards to 110 yards. In 2017 we launched foot golf and disc golf – offering new and fun ways to play the game.

You can now book your game of golf as well as foot and disc golf online through Bookizmo!

Tee-off at Beacon Park

The golf course is open every day (subject to conditions), except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. There is no need to book – just turn up, pay at the Ranger Station (which is the kiosk between Lakeside Bistro and the crazy golf course), and enjoy a game! Golf tee off times

In 2021 an 18-hole round of golf costs £8.30 for adults and £6.25 for children, and discounts are available with a LAP membership.

Golf prices and LAP membership

You can play with your own golf clubs, or hire them when you pay for your round. It costs £1.50 a club, which includes a ball and a deposit of £1.

We also have a golf course map to help guide you to round the course.

Golf Express

Golfers can play a 9-hole round at Beacon Park by following the yellow flags on the course.

Golf Express is available from Monday to Friday and is a great way for beginners to get into the game or for anyone who is short on time.

In 2021 it costs £5.25 for adults and £4.15 for children, with discounts available with a LAP membership. Check our golf tee off times

image of disc golf net

Play disc golf at Beacon Park

image of foot golf

Play foot golf at Beacon Park

Foot and disc golf

You can play foot and disc golf in Beacon Park.

Foot golf sees players follow the route of the golf course, but rather than teeing off, you kick a football into larger golf holes in the ground. Disc golf allows players to throw flying discs into special raised nets and also follows the route of the golf course.

The goal of both games is to play each hole or net in the fewest kicks or throws as possible. The player with the lowest total for the entire course wins.

Read the rules for foot golf and check the ‘etiquette’ for the game. Read the rules for disc golf and check the ‘etiquette’ for the game.

Care is taken to make sure traditional golf games are not interrupted by the new activities.

You can pay for your game and hire equipment from Beacon Park’s Ranger Station (which is next to the golf course).

In 2021 it costs £8.30 for adults and £6.25 for children for an 18-hole game of foot or disc golf. It costs £1 to hire the equipment and a £2 refundable deposit will also need to be paid.

An express 9-hole round costs £5 .25 for adults and £4.15. There are discount prices for Leisure Activity Passport holders.

Save with a LAP

Save with a LAP

Save up to 30% with a Leisure Activity Passport (LAP)

With a LAP, available from the Ranger Station, you can get discounts on a number of sports and leisure activities at Beacon Park and at Friary Grange and Burntwood leisure centres.

Cost of annual membership

  • Adult £25
  • Child £5
  • Family £35 – 2 adults and up to 3 children aged 17 years and under
  • Student £5

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