Beacon Park accessibility information

Access at entrance

The main entrances from Bird Street are slightly sloped and wide enough for wheel chairs and mobility scooters to pass through. The entrance from Swan Road is level and wide.


There are numerous pathways in and around the park, some of which slightly slope but are wide enough to allow wheelchair or mobility scooter users to pass each other with ease*.

There are no steps within the park to get to different areas.

*The woodland area has small compacted stone paths that are at a slight gradient and may be harder for wheel chair users to navigate. These pathways are narrow but have passing points along the way.


Seating is available at regular intervals.

Car parks

There are designated disabled car parking spaces in all three of Beacon Park’s car parks. These are on Greenhough Road, Shaw Lane and Bunkers Hill. The entrances from the car parks are slightly sloped (around 5%).


There is an accessible toilet in the Swinfen Broun Pavilion which you do not need a radar key for. You can request a hoist from the Ranger Station (next to the crazy golf course) or by calling Lichfield District Council’s parks team on 01543 308867. There is also a changing places facility located on the corner of Swan Road and Bird Street and it is open daily from 7am to 5pm. This facility does require a radar key and features:

  • a height-adjustable, adult-sized changing bench
  • a ceiling track hoist system
  • space adequate for the disabled person and up to two assistants
  • a centrally located toilet with space both sides for assistants
  • a privacy screen
  • a wide paper roll
  • a large waste disposal bin
  • a height adjustable wash basin

Discovery Hub

The main entrance to the Discovery Hub, which is off the path, is fully accessible. There are two accessible toilets in the Discovery Hub (these are only for users of the building when it is open).


Chandlers Cafe is a food and drink kiosk in Museum Gardens. The cafe is level (although there is limited manoeuvring space) and it has a level outdoor area with seating and tables.

Lakeside Bistro is next to the park’s golf course and boating pool. There is indoor and outdoor seating available which is all on one level. There is a disabled toilet in Lakeside Bistro for customers.

Community Garden

The Community Garden is used by groups and as a venue for workshops. There are large wide entrances to the garden. Within the garden area there are accessible planters and potting tables. The greenhouse has a wide door and wide pathway. There is a slight gradient across the site. There is an accessible toilet within the area.

Play area

The enclosed junior play area gently slopes. There are a range of surfaces in this play area, including hoggin paths, as well as grassy and sandy areas. There is an accessible roundabout and an ability swing for children in wheelchairs in this play area.

The main play area is slightly sloped. It has tarmac paths as well as woodchip, grass and sand surfaces.

Swinfen Broun Pavilion changing rooms

Changing room number 2 has an accessible shower.