Audio tour

Beacon Park invites you on a free audio tour to find out fascinating facts about this Lichfield Historic Park.

The self-guided audio tour includes insights on how Beacon Park was created right up to the present day. It also includes information on the park’s historical monuments, including Martyrs’ Plaque, Law’s Fountain and the statures of Captain Smith, King Edward VII and Erasmus Darwin.

It is narrated by one of Visit Lichfield’s guides, Sue Baird, and we would like to say a special thank you to Eric Harding and Lichfield Cathedral.


To start the tour download our audio tour map. Alternatively, you can buy an audio tour leaflet and map from our Ranger Station in Beacon Park for £1.

Then simply follow the numbered points on the map to all the stopping points, and listen to each of the corresponding sound files below. Please remember to use your headphones.

The tour will take up to an hour and starts on the path in Beacon Park between Greenhough Road car park and Lakeside Bistro, alongside the children’s play area.

Take an audio guided tour of Beacon Park by clicking on the below sound files:

1. Introduction

2. Bridge and brook

3. Playing fields

4. Pool and play area

5. Ice house

6. Work area

7. Carriage Drive

8. Martyrs’ Plaque

9. Discovery Hub

10. Band stand

11. Fountain

12. Bridgemans

13. Old library

14. Erasmus Darwin

Brass rubbing trail

And for little ones, don’t forget you can buy a Swinfen Broun brass rubbing trail from Beacon Park’s Ranger Station or download a copy and print it off at home.