Two trees at Beacon Park to be replaced

The beech tree (left) and the lime tree (right)

A beech tree and a lime tree in Beacon Park will be felled this month after an inspection highlights concerns with their long-term health.

After carrying out a health check of the trees in Beacon Park, an external tree inspector has instructed Lichfield District Council to remove two of its larger trees within six months after finding they both had fungal pathogens.

The lime tree, which is next to the herbaceous garden, has Ganoderma. This is an aggressive form of fungus that will decay the tree quickly.

The beech tree, which is next to the pool alongside the park’s play area, has Ganoderma and Meripilus. Both forms of fungus are deadly for a tree.

Councillor Richard Cox, Cabinet Member responsible for Parks, said:

“We manage more than 30,000 trees across the district and it is something we take great care over, to ensure the trees remain healthy and do not pose a risk to residents and visitors.

“It is always sad to see beautiful, mature trees cut down, but sadly both trees are diseased and the specialist arboricultural advice is clear that they need to be felled urgently.

“We will be planting two replacement trees soon after, although we are unable to replant with a beech tree as the Meripilus will still be in the ground and beech trees are particularly vulnerable to this type of fungus.”

The tree work is programmed in towards the end of March.