Works to Minster Pool set to start on Monday 23 July

image of minster pool

Stunning Minster Pool

As part of our programme of maintenance, we have arranged for the Dam Street side of Minster Pool to be cleared of debris.

This will include removing several tonnes of leaves and silt, emptying and cleaning the pipe (culvert) that feeds the water into Stowe Pool and the weir inside Minster Pool.

We expect to start the works on or around Monday 23 July and it should take up to five days to complete.

You will notice that the water levels in both Minster Pool and Stowe Pool will drop further.

There will be a large a large vehicle on site, which we hope does not cause any inconvenience. However, if you have any concerns or issues, please call the parks team on 01543 308867.

Once the work has been done, the pools will fill up naturally to their normal levels over time.

Thank you for bearing with us.