Water level to be lowered at two historic city pools

 image of minster pool

Minster Pool

The water levels of Minster Pool and Stowe Pool are set to be lowered on Monday 4 December as part of a trial, ahead of works to remove a build-up of leaves and silt at Minster Pool.

As part of its programme of maintenance, Lichfield District Council has arranged for the Dam Street side of Minster Pool to be cleared of years’ worth of debris.

In preparation for the clean-up, the water levels of the two pools will need to be lowered to check that the works to Minster Pool can take place.

On Monday 4 December, visitors to Minster Pool and Stowe Pool will notice that the water levels of both pools will drop. This is expected to only be for a short period, as the pools should fill up naturally to their normal levels over the following days.

Once the council has confirmed the water can be lowered to the required level, it will arrange for contractors to start the clean-up works to Minster Pool at a later date.

This will include removing several tonnes of leaves and silt, which is expected to add up to two coach-loads of organic waste in just one day.

The work will also include emptying and cleaning the pipe (culvert) that feeds the water into Stowe Pool. The weir inside Minster Pool will also get the cleaning treatment.

The water level will need to be dropped again in both pools to allow the works to take place. Minster Walk is expected to remain open throughout.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Leisure, said: “This de-silting process is vital to the long-term health of Minster Pool, which is a key destination for locals and visitors.

“It’s incredible to think that so much waste has built up over time, and we’re interested to see if there are any finds at the bottom of the pool. It’s also a great chance to see a number of historic brick shafts in Minster Pool, which lowering the water will reveal.

“We hope everyone will bear with us while we carry out these important works to one of Lichfield’s most impressive landmarks.”