Go Grease Lightnin!

image of bistro

Lakeside Bistro

Lakeside Bistro will be offering hot and cold food and snacks all day and throughout Beacon Park’s Drive-in Movie – GREASE – on Saturday 12 August.

You can eat in or take food back to your car. Reservations are available at Lakeside Bistro Between 6.30pm and 8.30pm for pre-movie dining.

There are a range of meal deal options on the night, including a £6 deal which includes any soft drink, tea or coffee, plus either: loaded nachos, 9″ Margareta pizza, 9″ peperoni pizza, BBQ pulled pork bap with coleslaw, or plain/cheese burger with fries.

The family meal deal costs £12 and is for four people, and includes any two pizzas, large fries and four draft soft drinks.

On the night, look out for Bistro staff selling Crispy Crème doughnuts and ice cream tubs direct to your vehicle before and during the film. A percentage of sales from these items will be donated to #ilsaswaveoflife to help raise money for a disability swing in Beacon Park.

Reservations can be made in person at Lakeside Bistro in Beacon Park or by calling 01543 256937.