Foot and disc golf coming soon to Beacon Park

image of foot golf

Play foot golf at Beacon Park

image of disc golf net

Play disc golf at Beacon Park

Lichfield District Council is launching two new and fun ways to play golf in its Lichfield City park.

Foot and disc golf facilities are being installed in Beacon Park’s 18-hole pitch and putt golf course.

Foot golf sees players follow the route of the golf course, but rather than teeing off, they kick a football into larger golf holes in the ground.

Disc golf allows players to throw flying discs into special raised nets and also follows the route of the golf course.

The goal of both games is to play each hole or net in the fewest kicks or throws as possible. The player with the lowest total for the entire course wins.

It is hoped the two new ways to play a round on the golf course will encourage more people to get fit and active in the council’s Green Flag park.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Leisure, said: “Disc and foot golf are two modern games that are really catching on, the world over. We wanted to offer these activities to locals and visitors as they are innovative ways of getting fit, maximizing the use of our green space.

“We hope it will encourage more people to use Beacon Park’s golf course, which is not only in a beautiful setting, it is also in the heart of the city and has lots of facilities, including Lakeside Bistro for post-match refreshments.”

Work to install the equipment started on 22 August, and players can try out both games from Saturday 2 September 2017, before the council officially launches the new games later in the autumn.

Care will be taken to make sure traditional golf games are not interrupted by the new activities.

From 2 September you can pay for foot and disc golf and hire equipment from Beacon Park’s Ranger Station (which is next to the golf course).

It will cost £8 for adults and £6 for children per 18-holes of foot or disc golf, which includes hire of the equipment (a refundable deposit will also need to be paid). Special rates will be offered if players are competing in more than one activity at a time and 9-hole options and discounts on games will be available for any Leisure Activity Passport holders.

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