Stunning floral display

image of poppies

The poppies look lovely especially when the sun shines!

Visitors to Beacon Park are being urged to visit Beacon Park’s poppy field while it is in full bloom.

In March, the Friends of Lichfield Historic Parks, along with more volunteers, helped the team at Beacon Park to re-sow the poppy field.

It was originally created in March 2014 and will continue until autumn 2018 to commemorate the First World War.

Betty Bradbury, member of the Friends Group, said: “My granddaughter, who helped us sow the seeds, will be so pleased to see her efforts were so worthwhile.”

Ken and Ondre Webb, also Friends of Lichfield Historic Parks, added: “There are lots of poppies in bloom. If you are in the area do go and see the poppy field. It really was worth all the effort.”

Tim Lock, Project Leader and Beacon Park’s Community Gardener, said: “We have a fantastic group of volunteers who come to help out at Beacon Park. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work.”

You can find Beacon Park’s poppy field on the far side of the golf course, next to the allotments, just off Abnalls Lane.