Stowe Pool wildlife islands

Rowing out to the wildlife islands

Rowing out to the wildlife islands

Park rangers set sail to build up floating islands for Stowe Pool’s wildlife.

This month, two of Lichfield District Council’s park rangers rowed out to Stowe Pool’s manmade islands to build up the structures with material, including willow, dogwood, turf and marginal plants taken from Beacon Park.

Refreshing the wildfowl islands takes place at this time each year, so they are ready for the birds to build their nests on them later in the spring.

Councillor Andrew Smith, Cabinet Member for Leisure & Parks for Lichfield District Council, said: “The islands are popular with birds each year, attracting various species of wildfowl, including grebes, coots and moorhens, among others, which use them to keep their nests safe, away from the shore. They also provide excellent perching sites for herons and cormorants.”

If you would like to volunteer and get involved in conservation events on sites such as Stowe Pool and Beacon Park, please email or call the Ranger Station 01543 308867.